With many years of experience in the salt industry, I have had the opportunity to visit many salt mines, salins and vacuum salt factories, which has given me a good foundation in what salts are available for different applications. Salt is also logistics, which has been endured many times on the road side. When the winter rages the worst, you must have the right salt in the right place. Furthermore, I have acted as a problem solver in many salt applications with close cooperation with customers.


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With so many different application areas, there is a great need for education. With extensive experience in the salt industry, I perform various lectures or courses.

Road salt procurement

For de-icing of public roads, a new ISO standard for de-icing agents has been developed.

The new ISO standard is adapted to different countries' requirements for de-icing agents. Unfortunately, there are countries in Europe that have much lower requirements than others. Salt with wrong specification can create major disturbances, higher costs and danger to the public if the salt is not properly specified from the beginning.

We can participate in the process of specifying a procurement document that ensures an operation without problems.


Deliveries of salt are not monitored often enough. Do you get what you ordered? Is it of the same quality as the previous delivery? Is the product contaminated? How does the salt affect my final product?

We check the following parameters.